SKIS Historical Game (May 25th)

Every day at Schloss Krumbach International School is an adventure, and a learning one at that, and this is particularly true about the historical game day!

Today students of Grades 9 and 7 have had an exciting task of historical reconstruction and immersion into the setting they studied. Dressed in epoche-accurate costumes, SKIS students time-travelled to France of 1326, finding themselves in a Castle in Normandy and applying their knowledge and skills in the quest for power, revenge or redemption, depending on the context-specific roles they were given in the game.

This is one of the examples of how SKIS pedagogues diversify their learning strategies. In this particular case, the game challenged our students to apply their creativity, artistic prowess and public speaking abilities, but also to really engage with the character’s objectives and the historical setting of the game by applying in-depth knowledge of medieval history and masterfully discovering the hidden messages and clues.

It’s been extremely impressive how all of the students handled their multi-layer and multi-task roles extremely well, interacting with the other characters, plotting schemes, fighting duels, getting credits, sending secret letters, and working towards their objectives with willpower, wit, and passion, worthy of the Game of Thrones.

All hail the Queen Isabella (of course, rooting for her) and our incredible Societies teacher Mr. Vladimir, for not only designing such an elaborate game but also for preparing our students that extremely well!