On October 17th we organised and carried out a truly grand event – the Open Doors Day, held fully in German and in a medieval style.

Although we have had many international visitors, most of the guests were actually locals. This was one of the reasons why we decided to organise the event in German, after all.

For many centuries, Schloss Krumbach was an integral part of the local ecosystem – it is a dearly loved and greatly respected place for the people of Krumbach.

In line with the IB philosophy and CAS, we deemed it of incredible importance to reciprocate and share with the local community what we have been up to at SKIS via a student-led tour, with many entertainment stations and castle history inspired activities.

For students, Open Doors Day presented a wonderful opportunity to become medieval sirs and ladies for one day, walk the guests through the mysteries and history of the castle, and of course to practice and perfect their German skills. We invite you to dive in the beautiful adventure that we had. Oh, what is a magnificent time travel is was!