Dear friends and colleagues!

Welcome to Schloss Krumbach International School.

If your news outlet is open to long-term cooperation and would be interested in receiving timely reports on our school, as well as invitations to school events and school newsletters, please get in touch with us at: We would ask you to provide a written proposal explaining what you would like to do, or to have a chat with us to see what aspects of school life you may like to cover. If you are a journalist from a news outlet who might be interested in writing about our updates, doing interviews, or attending our events, please provide us with your contact details so that we can add them to our database accordingly. You can send your contact details to the same address: We would also highly appreciate it if you would tell us in what form and how far in advance you would prefer to receive our newsletters.
Journalists and correspondents from news outlets who have been recognised and invited by the school are permitted to film and prepare materials for publication without signing a prior agreement. However, all details regarding the filming (the purpose, the working title, the theme, the site, the estimated shooting and broadcast dates) need to be provided in advance. Moving around the school is only permitted with the accompaniment of Schloss Krumbach International School’s Head of International Development, Toma Gurevich.
Kindly provide your filming request in advance. The processing time is from 2 to 5 business days.
Please send all proposals and inquiries in English.
Toma Gurevich
Head of International Development
Schloss Krumbach International School