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Fees for new applicants starting in 2022/23 academic year

Special offer

 Middle School (7-9)

 Half Board Programme

 € 53 000

 € 50 350

 Middle School (7-9)

 Full Board Programme

 € 58 000

 € 55 100

 High School (10-12)

 Half Board Programme

 € 58 000

 € 55 100

 High School (10-12)

 Full Board Programme

 € 63 000

 € 59 850


Application fee– 300 euro. This fee is non-refundable, but included in the fees in case of the student contract with the school.

Enrollment fee – 10%, is included in the student contract fees and is non-refundable in case of the student contract termination.

Refundable deposit – 3000 euro (extra to the student contract fees), is paid prior to the beginning of classes.


Extra bonus

This special price includes all the academic, residential, extracurricular, entertainment costs as well as uniforms, text books, culture trips, etc. The price remains fixed throughout the whole studying period at SKIS until student’s graduation.

The Best European Teaching Traditions

Curriculum + Innovative Approach + Academic Support

Combining the best teaching methods, we set each student’s learning pace individually and achieve results day by day!



The Half-Board Programme [Monday-Friday] is an effective combination of academic excellence and intense studying during the school days and quality family time on the weekend. This programme includes all the events, everyday sports, and trips offered at SKIS, except the ones happening on Saturdays and Sundays. With the support of teachers and supervisors, half-board students are able to complete all the assignments in advance, before the weekend starts. Even spending 5 days at SKIS is enough to master self-discipline and time management as a pro.



The Full Boarding Programme is an option for students who live and study at SKIS full-time [August 25th – June 20th except school breaks]. This is the most popular and effective way of learning because it allows for deeper immersion in studies and school life. Students have access to the whole spectrum of extracurricular activities, learning support, socialisation, and cultural trips organised by the school. Surrounded by their peers and supervisors, rather than smart phones, full-board students tend to perform better academically and in terms of soft skills.


We believe in high-attention education as key to academic outperformance. Students learn in small groups and receive customized support from their teachers.

0 seats at 7 Grade
0 seats at 8 Grade
0 seats at 9 Grade
0 seats at 10 Grade
0 seats at 11 Grade

Unique Advantages of SKIS:

  • Internationally renowned teachers with rich pedagogical experience, passion for teaching and academic expertise in their subjects. Our teachers are our stars - scholars holding PhD degrees, experts with 30+ years of experience in international schools, authors of IB textbooks and teaching manuals, graduates of Oxford and Cambridge – people who love their work and know how to motivate teenagers.

  • Taking part in Open Gates Knowledge Leadership Forum - students have a unique opportunity to meet world-famous businessmen, scientists, artists, and other experts across diverse fields. This is our way of showing students what careers and opportunities are out there, of challenging them into self-discovery and thinking what kind of personalities they aspire to be and what kind of imprint they want to leave behind.

  • Mother tongue support. With our innovative education techniques, students are able to speak this many languages and are even eager for more, while keeping their own linguistic heritage preserved. Let us make you a polyglot!

  • Ergonomic modern accommodation and diverse facilities. Given our past as a luxury 5* star hotel and spaciousness of a castle, we make sure our students thrive not only academically but also physically. Students are provided with everything from uniforms and textbooks to washing and cleaning services - with our all-included policy, parents do not need to worry about anything.

  • Austria′s only castle-school. We are the only school in the country that is based in the castle. Join us for a unique learning experience providing creative, previously unthinkable combinations of knowledge accumulated over time and historical heritage with groundbreaking practices and innovation.


  • Apply to get consulted by the Admissions Team

    on the application process form or contact us by phone

  • Have a consultation meeting with the Admissions Team.

  • Fill in the application form and provide grade reports and pay the Application fee.

  • Arrange for an introductory online interview between a candidate and our language expert.

    The purpose of the interview is to get to know a candidate as well as to test his/her level of English via a spontaneous conversation.

  • Тhe candidate must take an online entrance exam in English.

    An English level of B1-B2 is required for 10-11 grade students.

  • Receive our response. In case of acceptance,

    we sign a contract and book a place for the candidate’s education and accommodation at Schloss Krumbach International School for the upcoming academic year. A place is considered reserved upon completion of a enrollment fee, amounting to 10% of the cost of education and accommodation.

  • Pay the remaining 90% untill a mutually agreed deadline.

    In some cases, payment may be made according to a special schedule.

  • Prepare all the documents for student′s moving to Austria.

    Our visa support officer will provide all the necessary assistance to handle document issues in a timely manner.

  • Move to our beautiful castle to hop on an exciting academic,

    linguistic, social and cultural journey. The school year in Austria starts on August 25th. Welcome to SKIS!

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    • High-class teaching in English & German delivered by native speakers and in adherence with international standards
    • Teaching assistance in maintaining students’ native languages and linguistic heritage
    • The possibility of studying a third language in addition to bilingual education
    • Participation in international educational projects
    • Access to a Debate Club with a Cambridge University graduate
    • After-class academic support from experienced teachers across all the core subjects
    • Regular sport activities
    • Study materials (textbooks, workbooks, stationery, dictionaries, etc)
    • A personal laptop and access to school computers
    • Graphical calculators for Mathematics in Grades 11-12
    • School uniform for each season
    • Sports uniform
    • Accommodation in a spacious, newly renovated en-suite room of 22-40m2
    • Shared desk with adjustable lighting and a shared bathroom with two sinks
    • Use of magnet walls for decoration of personal space
    • Weekly laundry service
    • 6-meals-a-day menu crafted by nutritional experts
    • Diverse food plans to accommodate students with dietary restrictions
    • Round-the-clock security and supervision throughout the castle
    • Regular medical check-ups
    • Mental health support
    • First aid training
    EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (included in tuition):
    • regular cultural trips and sightseeing tours around Austria
    • 2 long multiple-day trips (included in Full board tuition, extra charge for Half board tuition)
    • ice skating
    • mountain biking
    • theatre society and acting
    • art classes
    • music band
    • photography and writing across the media classes
    • series of workshops on international cuisine
    • college cooking survival course
    • sewing tutorials
    • gardening workshops
    • astronomy clubs
    • first Aid Training
    • therapeutic massage fundamentals
    • model UN
    • public speaking classes
    • etiquette and contemporary fashion training

    In case of any queries, please contact us by phone at + 43 676 54 09 630 or email info@krumbach.school.