Extracurricular Activities

Schloss Krumbach International School provides more than education in the main subjects. Outside of school hours, students can pursue their interests in clubs that give them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and engage in real practice.

At SKIS, we believe in a multidimensional boarding experience, entailing a balanced and harmonic development of students’ intellectual, physical and creative abilities. Within this framework, we always strive to organize exciting activities both throughout the week and on the weekend.

Theater & Drama Workshops

Extracurricular Activities

Musical theater is a style of performance that combines singing, dance and drama. At SKIS, it is also a medium of after-school activity which generates far-reaching benefits for students’ confidence, problem solving skills, and creative abilities. Many of our students have discovered a hidden talent for dance, drama or acting they never knew they had.

Moreover, as we organize large-scale performances twice a year (to which we also invite the parents), students get to participate in all aspects of organization of the upcoming events – from creative interpretation of the storyline, division of roles, and directing work to creation of decoration, costumes and guest management. Such multi-sided experience fosters their problem solving skills and encourages innovative out-of-box thinking, the skills that lead to greater adaptability later on in life.

SKIS takes the creative development of its students with utmost responsibility and allocates extracurricular time and staff efforts to encourage their self-expression and critical thinking. Nurturing the creative side of students is just as important as providing them with academic qualifications and physical activity.

Art & Creativity

Extracurricular Activities

At SKIS, students are always engaged in creative group projects across different study areas. Training our students within the visual arts framework constitutes an important aspect of our holistic approach to education.

We believe that through collective work, co-sharing of responsibilities and continuous exchange of ideas and suggestions students can develop soft skills, get to know their friends better and also improve their understanding of the material learned in class.

Trips and Exchanges

Extracurricular Activities

Schloss Krumbach International School is a boarding school, yet we travel extensively, with many overnight stay trips around Europe and numerous one-day culture trips to museums, theaters, and so much more.

SKIS is all about in-depth contextual learning, and we find it vital to enable our students to actually witness the historical, cultural and social specificities they have covered in class.

Check out our social media and SKIS News to learn more about our day trips, school-based events, and exciting travels.