An Elite Boarding School in a 13th Century Castle


Schloss Krumbach International School is a private international school, fusing modern approaches to education and European scholarly heritage. Co-education, democracy, and cultural diversity are the solid cornerstones of our community, which renders Schloss Krumbach a booming innovation hub for international students of all backgrounds and languages. We are Austria’s only institution accredited as both an IB World School and a Cambridge International Education School and can offer either diploma in High School.

At the heart of our founding values lies a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education, bilingual English/German curriculum in the Middle School, and a rich range of extracurricular, creative, and athletic activities.

We raise extraordinarily well-educated individuals, critical thinkers and responsible citizens with a strong moral code and robust soft skills.
SKIS is futuristic in its harmonic appreciation of history and innovation. For example, we practice digital detox, and yet we have all the advanced teaching materials and technology. We shield students from the dangers of cyberbullying, but we teach them in an innovative bilingual way.

The future is about diversity and reconciliation of contrasts, effective management of resources, and social responsibility. The future is multilingual growth, that speaks English eloquently, but also meticulously studies a range of other languages. This is exactly what our school can be described as.

Students of today are leaders of tomorrow, and SKIS students will lead well.

Mission and Vision



Schloss Krumbach International School provides a holistic education in a place where all students feel confident and cared for. Our mission is to educate, support, and inspire our students to reach their full potential, while academically preparing them for lifelong learning. Having received a first-class education in an open-minded international and multicultural environment, our students become thoughtful, active, and caring members of local, national, and global communities.

To educate, develop, and inspire our students to reach their full potential by providing a first-class education in a multicultural environment.

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SKIS values


– Life-Long Learning and Self-Discipline

– Academic Excellence

– Social Responsibility and Leadership

– Intercultural Communication and Open-Mindedness

– Community and Family Atmosphere

– Acquisition of 21st C Skills

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Are you a caring parent looking for a high-quality educational option for your child in a safe and nurturing an international environment, free from negative addicted aspects of the world around, in a unique historical setting?

Do you search for a school that provides a careful balance between academic knowledge and soft skills, ensures a healthy and active lifestyle, and eliminates the issues of phone addiction, flows of information clogging child’s consciousness, forming click thinking, damaging cognitive , hindering abilities of memorisation and protecting the child from cyberbullying?

Do you want your child to leave the school, speaking English and German fluently, and with an internationally recognised diploma that would open him or her the doors to numerous universities in the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe, without the entrance exams?

We’ve got you!


Schloss Krumbach International School is a co-educational boarding school for students of 12-19 years old, based in a 13th Century Austrian castle. Through our heritage we are able to secure the best of the past but keep firmly an eye on the future.

What Makes SKIS So Special?


SKIS is a school that cares!!!

Top-notch education: offering IB world & A-Levels programmes, access to the most advanced studying equipment and innovative learning techniques

Internationally renowned teachers with 30+ years of experience, PhD degrees and passion for pedagogics

A truly unique setting: Austria’s one and only one castle-based school surrounded by forests and mountains, only 90 km away from Vienna

A carefully designed bilingual system: studying in English and German throughout Grades 7-9 and in English in Grades 10-12 with a possibility of choosing an additional third language for in-depth study

Due to the no-gadget policy, SKIS protects its students from the flows of information clogging their consciousness, forming click thinking, damaging cognitive processes and often hindering abilities of memorisation and focus

Rich academic curriculum provides students with an access to quality scientific and scholarly information, teachers them how to use this information, to analyze it, to extract from it answers to the questions posed

Superb accommodation: study and reside in a magnificent campus-castle

Healthy lifestyle: a 6-meals-a-day menu, carefully crafted in accordance with best nutritionist science practices and lots of sports

Personalized family-alike atmosphere: small studying groups with no more than 16 students per each

Student-focused approach: academic support center, career orientation and university counseling

An enriching boarding experience: culture trips around Europe and a wide range of extracurricular activities

Lifelong learning habits: supervised homework time with professional teachers + mother tongue support

Soft skills acquisition: a unique student leadership system and participation in global major forums

A safe ecosystem: 24/7 security on campus, digital detox, COVID-19 extensive precautions

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