How to Apply



Applicants may apply to Schloss Krumbach International School throughout the year, though the ideal time to begin the admissions process is at the beginning of the academic year. For our school, it’s very important to make sure that students can not only meet the expectations of our highly demanding academic program, but also ensure that our program is the right fit for each individual student. The school year in Austria starts at the end of August, but applicants may apply at any time.

There is our admission process:

Step 1. Fill out a short online application form. Upon completion, you will receive an email from our admissions team containing instructions on how to proceed.

Step 2. Submit all the documents indicated in the instructions.

Step 3. Once all the required documents have been received, an admissions officer will contact you to confirm dates for placement tests and interviews.

Step 4. Take placement tests that evaluate the prospective student’s academic strengths and weaknesses; participate in interviews that allow our admissions team to determine whether your child is a good fit for the school.

Step 5. An admissions officer will contact you within 5 working days of completing the tests and interviews. Our admissions team will inform you if your child has been accepted via e-mail.

Step 6. Get ready for a new school experience!

For more detailed information, please contact our admissions team at: or + 43 676 54 09 630

Apply for admission to Schloss Krumbach International School

Financial Information



For students planning to attend grades 7-11, the total price for a school year is €55,000.
That sum includes instruction, after-class care, and extra-curricular activities (enrolment is possible at any stage based on entrance exams and language level).

For more detailed information, please contact our admissions team at:


phone: + 43 676 54 09 630




  1. English language instruction taught by native speakers in accordance with the international baccalaureate IB program
  2. Participation in international educational projects
  3. Debate Club with a Cambridge University graduate
  4. Collaboration with the European Youth Parliament
  5. After class academic support from highly trained teachers in all core subjects
  6. Study materials
  7. A personal laptop
Room and Board
  1. Accommodation in a comfortable, newly renovated 22m2 double room
  2. Full Board (6-meals per day in a dining hall with a panoramic view)
  3. Gender-separate sauna sessions every week
  4. Round-the-clock security and supervision throughout the castle
  5. A school doctor will do regular medical check-ups
Extracurricular Activities
  1. Tennis lessons and football training with a professional coach
  2. Art Club with a lecturer from Vienna’s leading art history museum
  3. Yoga and Pilates in the gymnasium or on the castle lawn, daily walks along winding forest trails
  4. Mobile filming with a TV producer and director
  5. Business, digital, and social etiquette
  6. Book Club
  7. Dance
  8. Instrumental/choral group
  9. Sacred Studies: Fundamentals of religious culture. The subject is taught in the child’s native language, taking into consideration their religion (for educational purposes, only).
  10. Gourmet Club
  11. School uniforms, sports uniforms, ballet outfits, and special shoes
  1. Sightseeing programmes
  2. Entertainment events
  3. Planting your own tree on the Schloss Krumbach castle grounds




Our school is a fusion of innovation and history, reinterpreting best teaching traditions of Europe to work in sync with the cutting-edge technologies, most recent education trends and unique methods of student self-governance. We are a forward-looking institution with a dream of supporting and educating bright young individuals from all over the world. We believe that educating our youth to be responsible civic citizens means building a base for a more stable, normative, and peaceful political equilibrium for the generations to come. Caring and politically knowledgeable students of today are open-minded and effective leaders of the future.


This year we offer 9 scholarships (full academic and residence costs) on a competitive basis. We take this mission very seriously. Giving children a chance at better education is like lighting up the skyline of humanity.


More Information



If you have any question about our school, its academic programme, the application process, or anything else, please contact us by phone at  + 43 676 54 09 630 or email We’ll be happy to welcome you to the school for a personal tour of our facilities, but we ask you to book an appointment in advance so that we can make sure the right people are available to show you around and answer your questions.