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Schloss Krumbach International School is a co-educational boarding school (Grades 7- 12) that takes a pioneering approach to modern education. It offers an innovative, ground-breaking model for secondary schooling that will last for generations. Located in a beautiful 13th century castle, the school is designed to accommodate a maximum of 120 students. The small student body allows us to custom tailor our teaching methods and guidance to meet the needs of each individual child. Our priority is to assist students in forming their unique personalities, while encouraging them to develop a sense of social responsibility by redirecting the idealism of youth towards fulfilling and recognizing the duties required of all good citizens.

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About Us

Welcome to Schloss Krumbach International School!

At Schloss Krumbach International School, we create our own civic society. In this interconnected community, students learn to share rights and responsibilities, while building networks of trust and positive reciprocity through cooperation. This educational approach fosters creativity and allows students to effectively discover for themselves what they’re truly interested in through trial and error. Perhaps more importantly, it also gives them a head start on developing essential professional skills by teaching them to work as a team for the collective good of their small society. This lesson couldn’t be more relevant given the environmentally and politically turbulent times we live in.

Dr. Oksana Volozhanina

Dr. Oksana Volozhanina | Schloss Krumbach International School

Our Story

About Us


A castle is more than just a building – it rises above the surroundings with its mighty appearance and thus becomes an important part of the landscape around it (Dr. Bruno Schimetschek, Schloss Krumbach – seine Herren und seine Geschichte, 1993, Druck: Mayrhofer).

Krumbach Fortress was first built in the 11th century, but the current building dates to the 13th Century. The estate passed into the possession of the noble Pálffy von Erdöd family in 1629. There have been several changes of ownership since 1875. The castle had been used as a hotel for the last 30 years.

Now, it has embarked upon new era as an international school, whose doors and gates will remain open to all.

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About Us


To educate, develop, and inspire our students to reach their full potential and contribute to the creation of a better and more peaceful world by providing a first-class education in a multicultural environment.


About Us


Schloss Krumbach International School provides a holistic education in a place where all students feel confident and cared for. Having received a first-class education in an open-minded international and multicultural environment, our students become thoughtful, active, and caring members of local, national, and global communities.


About Us


At Schloss Krumbach International School, we provide young people with the freedom to develop as unique individuals, while instilling a sense of social and political responsibility.

Discover yourself by working together!

Location and Facilities

About Us


Located in a 13th century castle, Schloss Krumbach International School gives students the chance to learn in an environment surrounded by history and beauty.

Teachers and Team

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The academic excellence at Schloss Krumbach rests on the expertise, talent, enthusiasm, and drive of our teaching faculty. Our teachers are very approachable and eager to share their ideas with our students and community. Guest professors from institutions and companies around the world are also invited to deliver engaging courses and lectures that challenge and inspire our students.


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At Schloss Krumbach, you will be living, working, and teaching in one of Austria’s most beautiful holiday regions, the Bucklige Welt.

Preserving nature and promoting sustainability play an important part in our vision. We are committed to Outward Bound expeditions. Young professionals and their family members will find Schloss Krumbach an attractive place to work, and our Education Centre organizes plenty of extracurricular activities to get involved in.


About Us


At Schloss Krumbach International School, we strive to be part of the Global Schools Program. This initiative is led by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth) in support of UNESCO’s Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP-ESD).

Brief School Facts

About Us

1. Accommodation: A 5-star hotel converted into a dormitory with high-quality, spacious double rooms that meet national and international standards for school accommodation.
2. After-School Care: Experienced boarding school educators supervise and take care of students once classes are over.
3. Student Ages: 12-19
4. Curriculum: Internationally recognised curriculum with additional teaching units based on the curriculum of an Austrian AHS (Upper School), as well as Student Government committees. The school is a candidate to receive IB Diploma status in the near future.
5. Education Centre: Offers special courses, lectures, holiday/weekend camps, student Olympiads, and workshops in various subjects, as well as special teacher training.
6. Educational Concept: To provide a high-quality, holistic education based on progressive teaching principles, while encouraging children to develop independence, discover their potential, contribute to their community, and participate in student government.
7. Enrolment: The admissions process begins in June, but applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure maximum possibility of acceptance.
8. Extracurricular Activities: At Schloss Krumbach International School, we offer a variety of activities, from soccer and tennis to art exhibitions, chess clubs, and Outward-Bound wilderness expeditions. With expert instructors and guides, our students improve their skills, discover new interests, and quickly realise that new challenges are often the most rewarding motivators.
9. Facilities: The school is located in a castle that is situated on a hilltop between two forest reserves overlooking the village of Krumbach, which is about a one-hour drive from Vienna. Security systems and guards on campus ensure that our students live in a safe environment. The school’s facilities include spacious classrooms, two libraries, student lounges, a sports field, a computer lab, a chapel, a concert hall with a grand piano, castle towers, an art room, a music facility, and more.
10. Director: Dr. Oksana Volozhanina
11. Guided Freedom: One of our most important teaching principles is ‘guided freedom’. As participants in their student government, the children are involved in decision making with regular guidance from adults.
12. Healthcare: Schloss Krumbach School has its own school nurse and there are doctors available in the village of Krumbach.
13. International: Students from all nations are welcome (8 countries currently represented).
14. Language Instruction: Classes are conducted in English and German, studying one’s native language is mandatory, additional languages are chosen by the student.
15. Location: Schloss 1, 2851 Krumbach
16. Maximum Students: 120
17. Meal Plan: All meals are provided by the school’s dining hall, where talented chefs design a balanced diet for young people and offer special meals for those with dietary restrictions.
18. Media / IT Resources: Schloss Krumbach’s information technology resources, including internet access, are provided primarily for educational purposes. Students are responsible for behaving well in this digital environment just as they are in the physical school environment. Special periods are set aside for students to have personal internet/social media time, but many alternatives to spending time on their phone are also available.
19. Mission Statement: Discover yourself by working together.
20. Schedule: Year 1: Classes: Monday – Friday, Weekends free (supervised accommodation on Schloss Krumbach School campus).
21. Scholarships: About 20 percent of our students are eligible to receive merit-based scholarships.
22. School Events: All pupils take part in at least one sport and one creative work group and are involved in at least one social or community service over a period of two years. These CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) activities are important pillars of life in international schools and colleges. As opportunities for cooperation largely depend on the school’s geographical, social, and cultural environment, interaction with the local Krumbach community is a priority.
23. School Levels: Grades 7-12, about 20 students per class.
24. School Management: With reference to the SQA – School Quality Concerning General Education (academic quality management system of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, www.sqa.at ), the Schloss Krumbach International School sees the term ‘school management’ less as the activity of an individual person, but rather as the sum of all the management and coordination tasks completed at a school, to which a wide variety of participants, including specialist groups, project managers, specially qualified experts, and student advisors, contribute according to the principle of ‘shared management.’
25. Owner: Schloss Krumbach International School GmbH.
26. Sector: International co-educational boarding school, IB candidate.
27. Shared Governance: Daily life in the Schloss Krumbach International School is shaped by rules and practices that are developed in a democratic process which incorporates mutual respect and willingness to take on responsibilities for the benefit of the community. A wide range of elected offices, as well as student and staff committees, comprise the school’s student government.
28. Student Motto: We enter to learn and leave to achieve.
29. Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:3
30. Transport: Shuttle bus from Vienna to Krumbach.
31. Type of school: Private school based on Austria’s private school system statute (Private School Act) StF: Federal Law No 244/1962 (NR: GP IX RV 735 AB 787 p. 109. BR: p. 195.).
32. USP: Focus on academic preparation for a future university career, student government based on a shared governance model, emphasis on experiential education (a teaching philosophy that includes many methodologies by which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop people’s capacity to contribute to their communities).
33. University/School Partnerships: Regular exchanges with partner schools on every continent, guest lecturers from universities all over the world.
34. Weekends: During the first year of school, there are two options available: weekend events or free weekends.

Partnerships & Collaboration

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At Schloss Krumbach, we bring together like-minded people and unite businesses that share common values. Our aim is not only to deliver education of the highest quality, but also to integrate and work in close cooperation with the local community. Our partnership program also includes regular exchanges with partner schools on every continent and inviting guest lecturers from universities all over the world. Our goal is to support our students by bringing bright minds to Schloss Krumbach, while exchanging experience with other institutions and collaborating with educational experts.

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