Willkommen an der Schloss Krumbach International School

An innovative school providing a quality education, comfortable living conditions, and top-notch sports and arts programmes.

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Schloss Krumbach International School is a co-educational bilingual boarding school (Grades 7- 12). Located in a beautiful 13th Century castle, the school is designed to accommodate a maximum of 100 students.

As a private elite institution, our school is small enough to have a truly bespoke academic offering to each individual student but large enough to offer the finest of challenges and opportunities both within and outside the curriculum.

We provide high-quality international education in English, two international diploma programmes (IB DP and A-Levels), a range of extracurricular activities and sports, an innovative bilingual system of studying (English and German throughout Grades 7-9), diverse co-curricular day trips and a unique student leadership system.

Join Schloss Krumbach International School to receive a multidimensional boarding experience, graduate with an international high school diploma and travel all across Europe with friends!


Welcome from the Head of School

Über uns

Willkommen an der Schloss Krumbach International School!

An der Schloss Krumbach International School schaffen wir eine eigene Zivilgesellschaft, in der die Schülerinnen und Schüler lernen, Rechte und Pflichten zu teilen und durch Zusammenarbeit Netzwerke des Vertrauens sowie eine positive Lernumgebung aufzubauen. Dieser pädagogische Ansatz fördert die Kreativität und ermöglicht es den Schülerinnen und Schülern, durch Ausprobieren selbst herauszufinden, woran sie wirklich interessiert sind. Vielleicht noch wichtiger ist, dass ihnen dieser Ansatz auch einen Vorsprung bei der Entwicklung wesentlicher beruflicher Fähigkeiten verschafft, indem es ihnen beibringt, als Team für das kollektive Wohl ihrer kleinen Gesellschaft zu arbeiten. Diese Lektion könnte angesichts der ökologisch und politisch turbulenten Zeiten, in denen wir leben, nicht relevanter sein.

Dr. Oksana Volozhanina

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Small studying groups – no more than 16 students per each


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Bilingual education from Grade 7 to Grade 9


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Two international diploma programmes (IB DP and A-Levels)


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Study and reside in a 5* Hotel

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Campus at a 13th Century castle


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A 6-times-a-day healthy meal plan


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Internationally Qualified Teaching and Boarding Staff


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Academic Support Center

Unsere Geschichte

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Our school is new, yet it stems from centuries-old teaching traditions. We are writing our own history, boldly and in style.

For many centuries, Schloss Krumbach was an integral part of the local ecosystem – it is a dearly loved and greatly respected place in Austria. Now it is a thriving international school, the only institution in Austria to host students at a real-life castle while offering both IB DP and A-Levels as high school diploma options.

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The Head of School, Dr. Oksana Volozhanina, comes from a dynasty of boarding schools’ headmasters which dates back to the 19th Century.

Having herself experienced what dedicated pedagogics and love and care for students can accomplish, Dr. Volozhanina and the teachers team translate these values to the setting of the school.

Come join Schloss Krumbach International School to benefit from high-quality international education, enjoy unforgettable cultural experiences, and form life-long friendships.


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Our Accolades

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Schloss Krumbach International School is the only school in Austria with all of the following accolades:

Accredited IB World School offering IB Diploma Programme

Accredited Cambridge International Education School offering IGCSE and Advanced Level (A- Level Diploma)

Accredited Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award center

Member of CIS (Council of International Schools)

Obtaining an international accreditation of such regard is a tedious process, which requires compliance with a range of standards and verification procedures on the facilities, curriculums, qualifications of teachers, values and philosophy, and so much more.

Yet we embrace the challenge, and welcome international oversight as an opportunity to constantly improve what we offer to our students.

SKIS ‘ability to achieve all these accolades in just two years speaks volumes on the superb quality of our school, whether in academic and extracurricular regard or when it comes to boarding and facilities that we have.

“Impressive? Absolutely yes. Do we plan on being less ambitious? Absolutely no.”


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An der Schloss Krumbach International School geben wir jungen Menschen die Freiheit, sich als einzigartige Individuen zu entwickeln und vermitteln ihnen gleichzeitig ein Gefühl sozialer und politischer Verantwortung.

Our school is no playground. We expect our students to be learners, doers, and friends.

Every child HAS the right to remain a child for their time at school.

We believe in that with our whole organizational heart, and work towards it with everything we can.

Entdecke dich selbst durch die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen!

This motto above is deeply embedded in our school life, from academic honesty policies to our relentless focus on teaching and learning where we track and analyze student progress and development in detail so that we are constantly striving for excellence and improvement.

Schloss Krumbach International boarding functioning is structured in such a manner that it provides the students with an organized and finest ambiance. SKIS assists students in being dynamic and productive hence providing a sense of belonging and security.

We understand that it is essential to offer this sort of safe and welcoming atmosphere and support a well-functioning democratic system of student life so as to foster good mental health and life skills as well as to establish resourcefulness, social confidence, and flexibility.

Responsibility, Discipline, Knowledge

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An academically robust international institution with a foundational mission of raising morally principled, socially responsible and brilliantly educated young people.

We provide a childhood-appropriate learning experience of intellectual and social development, pure friendships and student leadership, free from the overflow of information and addictions of the digital world.

How Do We Nurture Responsibility?

- Akademische Exzellenz

– Social Position

Location & Facilities

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Schloss Krumbach International School is Austria’s first and only castle-based school.

It is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Austria – the Bucklige Welt, a hill country area on the eastern edge of the Alps. Its height varies between 375 and 900 m. The Land of the Thousand Hills received its poetic name because of the very large number of hills and mountains, known by the locals as Buckln.

Nature and sustainability play important roles in the school’s vision. The castle’s unique location allows our students to not only focus on their studies, but also immerse themselves in the amazing views of the Krumbach area and expand their horizons with field research.

Schloss Krumbach International School is located a 50-minute drive from Vienna. The school’s perfect location allows our students to actively participate in all of the Austrian capital’s major cultural events, regularly visit art and natural history museums, the Vienna State Opera and Konzerthaus, as well as modern theaters and galleries.


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Our campus is a safe space with highly developed infrastructure, round-the-clock security and excellent equipment.

The school facilities include spacious classrooms, science labs, a library, student lounges, a sports field, a computer lab, a chapel, a concert hall with a grand piano, castle towers, an art room, a music facility, a multifunctional outdoor sport facility, an inside gym, and much more. 

Krumbach castle’s unique setting allows our students to not only focus on their studies, but also immerse themselves in the fantastic atmosphere of the Krumbach area and deepen their understanding of rural Austrian culture.

Our Team

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The academic excellence at Schloss Krumbach rests on the expertise, talent, enthusiasm, and drive of our teaching staff. Our teachers are very approachable and eager to share their ideas with our students and community.

We also have an outdoor knowledge policy, which means regularly inviting visiting experts, professors, and practitioners from different fields to deliver engaging courses and lectures that challenge and inspire our students, broaden their horizons, and enable productive discussions and networking opportunities.

“What does SKIS mean to you?”

According to its founding policies, our school is a non-commercial organization. We direct all our funds and students’ fees towards maintainance and development of the school, its programmes and facilities.