SKIS goes for ice cream

On this beautiful cloudy Sunday, SKIS full-board students went on a sweet (literally!) little trip to the nearby ice cream factory, the Eis Greissler Manufaktur.

“One ice cream a day keeps an IB away”, argued Grade 12. (After they finished they homework, of course). The sentiment was happily shared by the rest of the student body.

In addition to eating the delicious organic ice cream, students also watched the pond and the forest, caught a ride on a small close-by roller coaster, took many pictures, and utterly impressed the local kids.

That’s the Krumbach coolness for you, indeed.

As you know, at SKIS we offer the full boarding and the half boarding programmes, with the difference being the weekends’ stay at school. Well, that’s a time VERY well-spent.

Stay tuned for more adventures – there is a whole beautiful year ahead.