Schloss Krumbach Meets the Vienna Symphony Orchestra

One of the unique features of artistic education at Schloss Krumbach is our consistent and purposeful strategy of familiarising students with the beauty, power, and traditions of classical music, from knowing styles, history and composers, to bringing students to witness world-famous orchestras and musicians play life.

We strongly believe that through knowledge of the musical pieces which have been moving the hearts of mankind for centuries one can understand more about harmony, compassion and hard work – looking how effortlessly and naturally the sounds come, how in sync the musicians perform, and realising how much effort and commitment is behind this.

Recently, our students had an opportunity to listen to the Vienna Symphony Orchestra performing Kilar, Lalo, and Mussorgsky, at the Musikverein, under the guidance of the brilliant conductor Krzysztof Urbański, and with talented María Dueñas as a violin lead. Our students left the event deeply impressed, and we express our gratitude to the orchestra and the Musikverein for organising such a beautiful concert.