Schloss Krumbach Goes Ice Skating

At Schloss Krumbach, ice skating is not just about chilling and gliding on ice, but about education as well. It is a policy of our school to foster our students to succeed as scholars, athletes and creators. Recently we have opened up the ice skating season 2024, taking our students to a nearby open air skating rink.

As any sports, ice skating also teaches one discipline and persistence. Students learn that it is okay to wobble and fall – you just got to try harder, get up, and keep skating. And of course, even new students from the hotter countries, were able to succeed, because of the additional practice we offered and unwavering support from their more experiences peers (and local penguins). By the end of the trip, they were rocking it.

That’s how Schloss Krumbach does winter. Today was all about good times, great laughs, and students making those icy, epic memories. And then go study, of course.