Schloss Krumbach Attends the Zuckerbäckerball at Hofburg Imperial Palace

Do you want to become a part of Austria’s dazzling balldance culture, feeling familiar in a crowd of elegant ladies and gentlemen whirling across the rooms of the Hofburg Imperial Palace with grace and ease, as if dancing in pairs is as essential as breathing? Then join Schloss Krumbach International School!

Recently our students attended the 124th opening of the legendary Zukcerbäckerball. Generally, the tradition of balls is an integral part of Austrian culture, dating back to the 18th century. The ball season typically stretches from January till March and features a series of flamboyant events, thematic to different social strata. The Zuckerbäckerball, the “sweetest” ball of all, pays homage to Viennese bakers and confectioners’ historical contribution to the city’s economy and charm.

As many activities our school showcases, ball dancing seems natural to your eyes, but let us assure you that this ease is oh-so-well-practised. It takes hours of commitment and work, balancing regular dancing lessons with loads of homework (by applying excellent time management skills too!) for our students to get in shape to attend such events confidently. Rounds of applause go to the girls for acing the dance moves in these long beautiful dresses and on heels (a new habit for many!) and also to the boys for waltzing around these flowing dresses!

Although we already hosted our own balls at Schloss Krumbach, this one was a debut at an official palace event, and we are very proud of how well our students did! Our students twirled, and danced, and shined. It was a wonderful endeavour which we will forever cherish in our hearts. And, oh boy, if our school didn’t make a spectacular appearance!