Historical Game and Ball

Breathtaking duels, brazen bank heists, political manipulations, gunfight encounters, and saloon scheming is just a small share of what our students experienced amidst the searing heat of the Texas’ provincial town, Blackstone, where they time-traveled for this year’s historical game.

From eccentric saloon and store owners, merciless bandits, and sneaky sheriffs, to scheming industrialists, brave Indian warriors, and undercover secessionists, our recreation of the epoch was a sight to behold, rivaling the Hollywood pictures!

As per tradition, students were assigned incredibly well-written authentic roles, and had to use their historical knowledge, quick thinking (and running) skills, and sometimes a good ol’ gun to achieve their objectives, navigating the fascinating realia of the Wild American South, a land as lawless as it was beautiful.

What a learning experience, plot twists, and adventures! In general, every game created by our Societies Teacher is, without any exaggeration, a piece of literary and historical genius. We cannot even fathom how all these intricately interwoven story lines and characters could’ve been thought of!

After the game, we had a lovely summer ball, where students and teachers practiced waltz, tango, cha cha, boogie woogie, Ländler, and many more dances.

We couldn’t have had a better end of the year!