When Vienna is Your Campus: SKIS Integrated Learning Approach (March 13th- March 15th)

At SKIS, we strive to provide a multidimensional in-depth education, based not only on the robust knowledge across different academic subjects but also on the understanding of interdisciplinary linkages, the ways the progression of in one academic fields has informed the other fields, and how different events and phenomena impacted the historical, social, and political context of their emergence.

This approach is embedded in our curriculum and in our choice of the co-curricular trips: for example, if students study medieval Europe in history, they will then cover the maps and routes in geography, talk of the relevant timely inventions at science classes, and explore the medieval literature, music and arts at the classes of English literature, Music History, and Art History.

Within this academic framework, we recently organised two-days of studying in Vienna where students attended a range of museums with their subject teachers, thus having an opportunity to put their knowledge to a real life test.

We are sharing with you some exciting moments from using Vienna as a SKIS campus, with our agenda featuring exciting learning pathways such as…

  • taking a Music History Class next to the Johann Strauss monument
  • learning about the medieval armoury at the Hofburg Museum and exploring the musical instruments at the House of Beethoven
  • covering and observing the Biology topics at the Naturhistorisches Museum and Haus des Meeres
  • and attending Konzerthaus and movies!

It was an amazing trip overall, and we plan on organising more co-curricular day trips in the future!