SKIS Intake on the Language Acquisition vs Literature Divide

The concept of dividing the language acquisition and literature studies might seem obvious when it comes to exploration of the foreign language, yet it is somehow less popular in relation to one’s mother tongue.

At Schloss Krumbach International School, we however believe that being a native speaker does not automatically grant our students mastery of their mother tongues.

This is why our Language Department has opted for a differentiated study plan, providing interlinked yet separate subject courses for the acquisition of English and German languages and for the English Literature and German Literature classes. Of course, following SKIS’ trademark student-tailored approach, there are different teaching hours and programmes for the advanced and beginner groups.

Not only does this differentiation enable students to have more learning hours with the language teachers, but it also significantly enhances the quality and speed of the linguistic progress as students are able to focus on different parts of it in detail. In Language Acquisition they refine the use of their language skills whereas in Literature they widen the range of topics and vocabulary on which they can put these very skills to a thorough test.

Come join SKIS to not only speak English and German but rather to do it in a manner that befits an extraordinary educated and well-read person.