The Sound of Music Christmas Play by Schloss Krumbach International School

As per our annual tradition, Schloss Krumbach International School held a multilingual performance to celebrate the end of the semester. The performance featured all of our students engaged in meticulously prepared and exquisitely performed dancing, singing, and acting, inspired by the iconic movie of the same name.

What a wonderful achievement for our school community it has been! How hard our students and staff have worked on rehearsals and decorations to make this evening happen!

The outcome – a heartfelt and flamboyant Christmas story – would rival a Broadway show, in our opinion. It is incredible how all of our young artists managed to convey all of the complexities and uniqueness of their characters!

The beautiful play was then followed by a ball, a traditional Jägerball with all the girls wearing Austrian dirndls and dancing to the sounds of a real invited orchestra.

We thank all the guests who have come to see our students in action – they really deserved all the applauses of the world for the great job they did.

We are also very proud of the school community – and the school leadership in particular – for tireless hours spent on organization and preparation of the event.

Let your pre-Christmas season be as joyful and charming as our school musical.