The Geometry of Snowflakes Workshop

It is often argued that subjectivity is overly celebrated in arts, and we do encourage students to take an emotional artistic approach during the classes, identifying their own unique style. Yet, acquiring professional techniques is no less important, especially in some cases, where it is actually as much about mathematical precision as it is about creative self-expression.

Art and mathematics share a common thread – both strive to uncover patterns and beauty in the world around us. Snowflakes, with their exquisite and symmetrical designs, provide a perfect canvas to explore this fascinating intersection.

This is exactly what we pursued at the Geometry of Snowflakes workshop, demonstrating how the laws of symmetry and the dihedral group contribute to the creation of these intricate ice crystals. The dihedral group represents all possible symmetries of an object, including rotations and reflections. In the case of snowflakes, the dihedral group captures the various ways the crystal can be rotated or reflected while preserving its overall symmetry.

The workshop was a thought-igniting adventure, and urged students to problem-solve in an interdisciplinary manner. By drawing connections like this, we seek to foster a deeper appreciation for both math and art, paving the way for innovative thinking and holistic learning.