The Art of Animal Drawing

The winter is around the corner, so we would like to remember the beauty of the autumn, gracing the breathtaking scenery around our castle with its imperial red, golden and orange colours. It would be a crime to not capture the views of Bucklige Welt, the Land of the Thousand Hills, where our castle is based, with a brush, so our students organised an Animal Drawing Workshop, speculating on which of the forest inhabitants would enjoy the season the most.

In terms of the technique, we worked on the floral ornaments by collecting leaves and fallen flowers from the castle grounds. At first we made a live ornament, then drew all the elements on paper and colored them with gouache in the same style. We had to work very quickly, because the leaves were drying and deformed, – this allowed us to capture the most important and original details. We put some of the leaves in a herbarium book to be inspired by the colours and shapes of autumn.