This week SKIS students had witnessed a truly wonderful sight – they attended a premiere of the Hunchback of Notre Dame musical (Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame), a Disney-based singing and dancing spectacle prepared by the Ronacher Theatre, Vienna.

Not only have all students enjoyed the wonderful timeless songs of a Disney cartoon, performed amazingly by the Roncaher cast (we especially loved Claude Frollo!) but also were deeply touched by the visual representation of Hugo’s storyline, a tragic twist of social stigmatisation, class inequalities, and unrequited love.

As we mentioned earlier, students have come to this cultural experience extensively prepared – having read the book, analysed the issues the author raises, and explored the historical context of the events in question.

Our students also had an amazing opportunity to practise their German, as it was the language of the musical.

We would like to thank the Ronacher cast for a very touching, very talented performance – this musical is a must-see!