Meeting the Maestro Alexander Malofeev

Last night, our school had a high privilege of listening to Alexander Malofeev, a brilliant pianist, playing solo compositions from Baroque and Romantic Repertoir at Musikverein.

Our students were deeply impressed by the incredible talent and musical expression Mr. Malofeev demonstrated, by the piano coming alive with feelings and stories under his fingers. It was an unforgettable experience, a celebration of art, music, inspiration, and genuine love for what he performed.

We also were touched by extraordinary humility and kindness emanating from Mr. Malofeev, both on stage and in person. Despite being a prodigy of the piano world at only 22 years old, Mr. Malofeev took time to meet our students, talk to them, sign their tickets and take a picture together.

Mr. Malofeev is a young genius of extraordinary artistry and integrity. We feel honored and blessed to have listened to his music and to have met him in person.

We hope Mr. Malofeev pays our school a visit and plays piano at Schloss Krumbach, because such a pianist deserves a castle for a rehearsal ground!