SKIS seems to be having a theatrical week – we’ve been off visiting the theatre again. This time it was not a ballet, but a beautiful child-adapted opera Pinocchio, taking place at the MuTh theatre, Vienna.

Our Grade 7 and 9 students thoroughly enjoyed the performance, filled with singing, dancing and jokes, and also got to watch their singing teacher on stage (how cool is that!). The whole SKIS has been cheering for our amazing Ekaterina.

The students were also excited for the theatre cafeteria, yet it was closed. We mitigated the situation by stopping at the bakery on our way to the cars. What’s a better way to wrap up a day than to indulge oneself with a freshly baked Viennese pastry?

We look forward to our next trips. In the meantime, exam week is approaching. Thanks, Das MuTh theatre, for a great performance and such a creative intake on the Pinocchio fairytale.