How Does SKIS Prepare Students to Handle Exam Anxiety?

The answer is simple – through practice.

To be able to do exams well one needs to do exams often. Empirically it is incredibly helpful if the first time when students encounter exam anxiety and sensitivity to time pressure occurs during an ordinary and routine exam rather than during a life-changing and end-of-school one. This gives students the opportunity to understand their weak and strong sides, figure out an exam strategy that works for them and – most crucially – to set this strategy to practice over and over again. This is precisely why at SKIS having many exams is a norm.

In general, there is a range of methods on how to do well on exams, and of course the applicability of each method varies depending on the student. However, there are some important general tips which universally useful:

✅ Start with the questions you are sure about to build further confidence. You are in a better place mentally when you feel that you have already accomplished some tasks.

✅ Keep an eye on the time and make a plan. It is better to do less questions thoroughly than to frantically jump from one to another, getting even more stressed.

✅ Have some spare paper to give room for your thoughts. Sometimes trying tasks out on a draft helps handle anxiety and fosters the thought process. Plus your exam notes will look tidy (and it is also strategic to not lose points on an easy matter like this one).

We wish you best of luck on your exams, whenever they are!