Creating the Stage Decorations for the Christmas Musical

The sound of paintbrushes, laughter, and the strumming chords of My Favorite Things filled the Grand Hall of Schloss Krumbach International School, as our students gathered together to create the stage for the upcoming Christmas performance, the Sound of Music play.

In addition to being a lovely annual tradition, collective creation of the stage is also a learning ground, subtly teaching the students about perspective drawing, an integral component of art and an insight into the spatial relationships, size comparisons, and alignments.

This was also a task of friendly and creative collaboration, as very individual’s paintbrush stroke contributed to a larger, coherent picture. Working harmoniously as a team while respecting the pace and skills of each member encourages Schloss Krumbach students practiced values like patience, coordination, and cooperation.

This hands-on preparation for the annual Christmas play is one of the most beloved elements of the festive season at Schloss Krumbach International School, bringing together students, teachers, and parents. It evokes a sense of unity and collective ownership, which is vital to strengthening community bonds.

Let the sounds of music fill your hearts and our halls this festive season!