At the Elmayer-Kränzchen Ball

It is ball season in Vienna, indeed, and the air of the city is imbued with the magic of the consistent time travelling, all-night-long waltzes, flowing dresses of ladies, and perfect black suits of the gentlemen. This is a love story about a Viennese ball, which our students have come to appreciate this year.

Having caught some breath (and end-of-term exams) after the Zuckerbäckerball, Schloss Krumbach International School was spotted dancing again, this time at an exquisite Elmayer-Kränzchen, a ball hosted by the Elmayer Dancing School, one of the most renowned institutions of a kind in the world, stemming – as pretty much everything in Vienna – from a centuries-long tradition.

The Elmayer School was founded by a Royal Military Officer Willy Elmayer von Vestenbrugg in 1919 and hasn’t closed its doors ever since. A testament to the rich history behind the event, this was already 101st occurrence of the Elmayer-Kränzchen, meaning dazzling debutantes whirled across splendid halls of the imperial Hofburg palace for a last hundred years.

Our students enjoyed the ball very much and managed to whirl and dance like great dancers that they are which is not that easy, given the speed and technique required to perform Viennese waltzes – basically 3 min of non-stop turning to the Blue Danube sounds, synchronised with a partner, chatting pleasantly along the way and avoiding collisions with the pairs around.

But, in sync with our very own quality standards, Schloss Krumbach has practised extensively before the event and upheld the high honour of being an international but also proudly Austria-based school.

In the end, our students nailed all kinds of waltzes, tango, foxtrot, rumba, quadrille, and of course occasionally sneaked out to the disco party in one of the Hofburg’s halls. This time we also had more of our staff members in attendance – and frankly, our school has truly stolen the spotlight.

It was an extraordinary night and a second event to go in our annual ball count. Well done, Schloss Krumbach!