Yet another multilingual Christmas performance – yet another astounding success!

On Tuesday of the semester’s last week, we held our annual Christmas party – a flamboyant performance in the form of a musical, featuring three languages, dancing, singing and acting.

Our students and staff put much effort and passion in creating decorations, finding historical costumes, refining the dialogues and movements, rehearsing and practising the dances, and so much more. The outcome was truly worth all the hard work!

As per SKIS tradition, we invited all the parents with the students’ younger siblings to attend the event. Indeed, what is a better reward for the families than to see their loved ones shining on stage and demonstrating incredible performance and language skills!

After the play itself, there was a festive buffet with international cuisine and a photobooth area for the families, set up at the Grand Hall of the castle. Then students also organised a disco party, with the party lights and a personal DJ.

Overall, it was a wonderful event, which has left us feeling happiness, gratitude and pride for the hybrid, interconnected and loving community of students, staff, and parents that we are blessed to have.

Thank you to everyone who has put their time and heart into making this event happen and thank you to everyone who has joined us in celebrating the end of another year at SKIS.