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SPECIAL OFFER FOR 10th & 11th Grade Students

A limited number of places in grades 10 and 11 have been allotted for this special offer, which is valid until May 15. On May 16, prices will rise.

0 seats at 10 Grade
0 seats at 11 Grade


A great opportunity to get a brilliant education and save 25% on tuition!



The Half-Board Programme [Monday-Friday] teaches students to excel in time management. With the support of teachers and supervisors, they are able to complete all the assignments in advance, before the weekend starts. SKIS brings up high achievers, capable of combining intense studying with quality family time on Saturdays and Sundays. Although they spend weekends outside of school, half-board students still experience all the events, everyday sports, and trips offered at SKIS.


The Full Boarding Programme is an option for students who live and study at SKIS full-time [August 25th – June 20th except school breaks, as indicated in the schedule]. This is the most popular and effective way of learning because it allows for deeper immersion in studies and school life. Students have access to the whole spectrum of extracurricular activities, learning support, socialisation, and cultural trips organised by the school. Surrounded by their peers and supervisors, rather than smart phones, full-board students tend to perform better academically and in terms of soft skills.

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We will contact you and schedule an online meeting with the chair of the selection committee.

 Take advantage of all the opportunities provided by an international boarding school today


Schloss Krumbach International School – is about much more than acquiring knowledge in all major subjects. It’s also about learning to think in a structured way, adopting good manners, building a strong body and character, and maintaining a modern world view.

Schloss Krumbach International School – is finding your own study rhythm, digital detox, taking the microphone at an international forum, conversing directly with world-renowned scientists, businessmen, and cultural figures. [ FORUM IN THE CASTLE #FORUMTALKS ]

Schloss Krumbach International School – is a star-studded faculty, career strategies for the future, weekend travel, and more. We have something new happening every day. While you were reading this, we’ve come up with something else and have already begun to launch it.
Join us!


 One School Year

 [Half Board Programme]

 €30 000

 One School Year

 [Full Board Programme]

 €35 000



  1. English language instruction taught by native speakers in accordance with international standards
  2. Participation in international educational projects
  3. Debate Club with a Cambridge University graduate
  4. Collaboration with the European Youth Parliament
  5. After class academic support from highly trained teachers in all core subjects
  6. Study materials
  7. A personal laptop



  1. Accommodation in a comfortable, newly renovated, 22m2 triple dorm room
  2. Full Board (6 meals per day in a dining hall with a panoramic view)
  3. Separate-gender weekly sauna sessions, physical therapy if necessary
  4. Round-the-clock security and supervision throughout the castle
  5. An on-duty school nurse available 24 hours a day, regular medical check-ups


  1. Tennis lessons and football, golf and horse riding
  2. Art Club with a lecturer from Vienna’s Art History Museum
  3. Yoga and Pilates in the gymnasium or on the castle lawn, daily walks on winding forest trails
  4. Mobile filming with a TV producer and Director
  5. Business, digital, and social etiquette
  6. Book Club
  7. Dance
  8. Instrumental/choral group
  9. Religion Studies: learning of religious cultures. The subject is taught taking into consideration students’ religion.
  10. Gourmet Club
  11. School uniforms, sports uniforms, ballet outfits, and special shoes



  1. Sightseeing programmes
  2. Entertainment events
  3. Planting your own tree on the Schloss Krumbach castle grounds


Extra bonus

This special price for your child’s education, accommodation, care, and extracurricular activities will be preserved for all subsequent years until their graduation.

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We will contact you and schedule an online meeting with the chair of the selection committee.

The basic educational principles

at a school recognized as an IB Diploma Programm candidate

Schloss Krumbach International School

  • Digital detox and the structure of reality

  • Transparency and truthfulness

  • The perfect balance between intellectual and physical activity

  • Discipline, self-organization and self-government

Please leave your contacts to receive an invitation.
We will contact you and schedule an online meeting with the chair of the selection committee.


  • Fill in the application form

    or contact us by phone

  • Send a scanned copy of the candidate’s school transcript,

    which should include their final grades from the previous school year and their current grades from the current year. Applications and
    transcripts will be accepted to May 15.

  • Arrange to have an introductory online interview with a family

    on a mutually convenient date. Acquaintance with the candidate takes place during a spontaneous conversation in English.

  • If we share similar views on family values

    and agree about the kind of core education that is needed to generate truly impressive results and open unlimited opportunities, we sign a contract and book a place for the candidate’s education and accommodation at Schloss Krumbach International School for
    the 2021 academic year. A place is considered reserved when a guarantee fee is paid amounting to 10% of the cost of education and accommodation, taking into consideration any special conditions.

  • Тhe candidate must take an online entrance exam in English.

    An English level of B1-B2 is required for 10-11 grade students.

  • If our teachers recommend the candidate to improve their skills in a foreign language:

    Option 1. Study English and/or German with teachers at your place of residence.
    Option 2. Sign up for intensive language preparation courses with teachers from Schloss Krumbach International School.

  • Parents must pay the remaining 90% of the contract.

    In some cases, payment may be made according to a special schedule.

  • Our visa specialist provides support

    in processing all necessary documents in a timely manner.

  • On August 25, children begin their academic year

    at the international school, as well as a new life in Austria’s Schloss Krumbach castle.

Who teaches at our school? 

Doctors of mathematics, literature, and economics; teachers with 30 years of experience in international schools; authors of world-famous textbooks and teaching manuals; graduates of Cambridge and Oxford – people who love their work and know how to motivate teenagers.

The superior level of education at Schloss Krumbach is ensured by the talent, experience, extensive knowledge, and innovative approaches of its highly qualified teachers. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, flexibility, and a proactive approach to life.


You can find information about special offer in a special colour brochure.

Please leave your contacts to receive an invitation.
We will contact you and schedule an online meeting with the chair of the selection committee.

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